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The Nanosia Series

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The Nanosia Series

Fantasy Fiction for Young Adults

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The Nanosia Series brings science fiction and fantasy together in a way that is both entertaining and educational. Learn about the subatomic world where electrons and positrons come to life, doing their thing as you would never see them do under a microscope. In Book Two the secrets of the universe, fire and energy unfold with captivating clarity as you cheer Loby on his quest for his master's powers.

New Fiction Release

Queen of the Quantum Realm Book Cover

Queen of the Quantum Realm

Book One of the Nanosia Series

Explore the subatomic world through the eyes of 14-year-old Jawan, apprentice of the Earth mage in Hadley Town.

Quotes from Queen of the Quantum Realm
"Fools! You can't outrun the plague!"
“Lord Elveston was free to return to his business in Nanosia while Jawan languished on his bed.”

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Coming in 2018
In Book Two, Loby discovers the secrets of fire to foil the diabolic plans of King Cestor.
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Tale of the Western Crocogator book cover

Tale of the Western Crocogator

The crocogator is an urban legend in the African-American tradition. In The Tale of the Western Crocogator, I take this legendary figure out of his native home in New York's Harlem and send him to Los Angeles. In his adventure, he finds out things about himself he hadn't known, and develops a new appreciation for his female companion.

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Prince Alarming book cover

Prince Alarming ~ Sequel to Sleeping Beauty

They lived happily ever after? Well, no, the story doesn't stop there. It never does. Find out what really happened to Sleeping Beauty and her charming prince.

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The Listening Heart book cover

The Listening Heart

She can't hear, but she can listen. Deaf woman discovers that her hearing loss can't keep her from connecting to the people around her.

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Stuporman to the Rescue book cover

Stuporman to the Rescue

While in the twelfth grade, I wrote my first short story—Stuporman. At the time, I probably did not realize that this spin-off of the Man of Steel was actually a simulacrum of myself as I went through public schools with progressively severe visual and hearing disabilities. Despite living in a body that refused to do what came so easily to others, I still felt, on some level, powerful—like a superhero. And I knew, even at the tender age of seventeen, how to craft a story.

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